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German Shepherd Puppies - Texas,
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Houston, Dallas, Tyler and East Texas

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german shepherd puppies texas

See Us in "Dogs USA", 2012, and "Dog World", Aug. 2011 as
a Featured Breeder in Texas For Purebred German Shepherds

Our Dogs Are The Classic Type - Old Fashioned German Shepherd
(Black Saddle And Tan), Bred For Intelligence, Health And Beauty.
Our Dogs Have Straight Backs, Good Nature And Stable Behavior.
We Love German Shepherds & Texas Loves Heidelberg Pedigree Puppies!

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Why Our Puppies Are Superior

german shepherd puppies texas

We provide classic GSD (some people call them by the term "old fashion"). They generally are better natured, have straight backs and are healthier than the modern breeds or breeds from overseas. Our Dogs are the most common for those who want a pet or need a Security/K-9 or Search & Rescue Dog. Our breed have been carefully chosen for their intelligence, beauty and health. Their color and markings are the traditional black saddle and tan (see the pictures on this web site). Also, our breed of Puppies are usually born without the saddle appearance on their back, but change over time into this style during the first year of their life. It is fun to watch them as they mature into their adult color and markings. Their hair is short-medium in length and their weight will generally develop to 55-90 pounds. Males are usually larger than females and both will keep growing until they are 18 months old and then fill out (like the rest of us... smile). Our breed is sometimes called a "working dog" and are excellent for training and performing duties. They thrive on pleasing their master and their loyality in unmatched by any other breed. We Love German Shepherd Puppies - Texas Loves Heidelberg Pedigree Puppies!.

old fashioned german shepherd
Classic German Shepherd From The 1950's

John McKenna - Breeder

german shepherd puppies texas
german shepherd texas
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We Love Texas German Shepherd - Texas Loves Heidelberg Pedigree Puppies!

Our German Shepherd Puppies Come With Quality & Value

german shepherd texas

1- AKC & The Heidelberge Champion Pedigree (Official AKC registration)
2- Black & Tan - Classic Style With Black Sadle (Short-Medium Hair)
2- Written WARRANTY of Health & Inspected By Veterinarian
3- Come From Good Natured Dogs & Raised With Our Family
4- All required Medication Will Be Complete For 8 Week Old Puppy
5- We Love And Care For Our Dogs Everyday, We Are Not a Puppy Mill
6- We Can Help With Delivery To Your Area (Call Us For Details)
7- Puppies Come From A Strong Breed Of Healthy Pedigree
8- We Supply You Correct Dog Food To Help The Puppy Get Started
9- We Are Available For Any Follow Up Questions You May Have
10- People Buy From Us All Over Texas & The United States

We remove the risk of buying a defective Dog (Guaranteed). Why spend your money with the risk of getting an inferior or defective animal? Our pure bred Dogs are stunning in their appearance and of the finest pedigree in health and strength. They are very loyal pets and yet, make the finest watch dogs for the security of your family. We pride ourselves in the reputation our Dogs have earned, as one of the most sought after companions and highly intelligent breeds in the world. We supply to all levels of buyers, from parents of small children to the K-9 units of the Police Force. We deal exclusively with AKC pure bred Puppies only. We Love The German Shepherd - Texas Loves Our Puppies!

We Provide The Finest And Most Intelligent Classic GSD In Texas

John McKenna - Breeder

We Can Help With The Delivery Of Your Puppy (Call Us)


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We Are 2 1/4 Hours North Of Houston And 2 1/4 Hours South Of Dallas
Our Address is... 4972 FM 227 West, Grapeland TX 75844

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German Shepherd Temperament

german shepherd puppies texas

German Shepherds are highly active dogs, fearless but not hostile and are often described in breed standards as self-assured and never shy. The breed is marked by a willingness to learn and an eagerness to have a purpose. Shepherds can become over-protective of their family and territory, especially if not socialised correctly. Due to their loyal nature Shepherds bond well with children they know. While typically approachable, Shepherds do not become immediate friends with strangers. The GSD are highly obedient and not easily distracted, but due to their self-strong will must be trained by a firm hand. We Love The German Shepherd - Texas Loves Our Puppies!

John McKenna - Breeder

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german shepherd texas

Puppies Are So Cool..!


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We Love The German Shepherd - Texas Loves Heidelberg Pedigree Puppies!

german shepherd dallas texas

German Shepherd Trivia

Did you know that German Shepherd breed were originally developed as a herding dog, but have now become the world's top police and military dog, search and rescue dog, seeing eye dog, and bomb and narcotics detection dog? Is that a smart dog or is that a smart dog? Wow... We sell the finest german shepherd puppies in Texas.

Get Ready, Here Comes Your Puppy

The GSD need room to run and exercise. Do you have a fence or containment system that can work for this large breed? The GSD need to socialize with people during their early growth in order to develop a friendly nature. It is not wise to leave a German Shepherd locked on a chain or isolated, without human companionship. German Shepherds are known to be deeply loyal to the family that they are familiar with, but are cautious to make friends with every stranger that comes by. They make excellent guard dogs for this reason. It is wise to expose your German Shepherd to children, so they can grow comfortable around them from a young age. In our family, we have fallen in love with this breed and enjoy their sweet nature. Please make sure that you really want a German Shepherd and will devote yourself to making your dog part of your family. Most people find that a daily brushing is a benefit to those who want their German Shepherd to live inside. This helps remove excess hair and creates a wonderful bond between you and your dog. We are devoted to giving our puppies a loving home and will not sell to someone that we feel does not qualify. People come from all over to see our german shepherd puppies. Texas loves our dogs.

John McKenna - Breeder

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German Shepherd Puppies, Texas Loves Heidelberg Pedigree Puppies, Breeder

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